…About Six Months…

I’m not a blogger. I do not know how to write a blog that will somehow capture an audience with wit and charm and possibly some profound insight. But I do know that PunksWritePoemsPress has existed for just about six months now and I’ve never felt more proud or accomplished regarding any personal achievements than I do right now.
Sure, the “wildest dreams” scenario hasn’t played out…yet! You haven’t seen my face all glossy and smooth on the cover of some indie publishing magazine, nor on one for savvy entrepreneurs. Our first title – This Is Not a Movement –  has done well and I am happy to have been a part of making it a real book, printed on the screams of many a felled tree, but it will not get mention in conversations of breakthrough titles in poetry for 2015. (Side note: Is that a conversation that anyone actually has? If it is, we should all make a pact right now that if we overhear/are part of/read a conversation about the breakthrough titles in poetry for 2015, we will interject/say/comment that any such conversation that does not include This Is Not a Movement is a waste of everyone’s time. Can we agree to that? I won’t make you take a blood oath or even spit-shake. We can just agree to the TINaM Pact and use the trusted old honor system. Side note over.)
The point is: I love that book and will consider it a success even if it never sells another copy. Even if it never makes it into the aforementioned conversations about breakthrough poetry titles. Even if you think it is a mess. It is a success because publishing that title and founding this indie Press on the back of it means that we get to do more of it.
We get to read and publish Janelle Rainer’s Two Cups of Tomatoes. It is a beautiful collection of poems that hint at the larger stories beyond the words on the page.
We got to read hundreds of submissions for RoguePoetry and are extremely proud to publish the selections we’ve chosen. It is a strange mix of styles and perspectives, and that is how we like it.
So there it is…halfway through our first year and I’m happy. Now go read a post from a better blogger while I go do my publishing thing.

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