Audio Chapbooks and Mini-eChaps

Do to an overwhelming lack of interest, we are no longer pursuing these ideas. You need not read any further.


We really like to throw spaghetti against the wall here at PunksWritePoemsPress head quarters…so help us make these two noodles stick!

Secretly listen to poetry on the bus!
Secretly listen to poetry on the bus!

Noodle one: the Audio Chapbook…it’s exactly what you’d think. A short collection of poems read by the poet; from their lips to your ears!

Poetry at your fingertips
Poetry at your fingertips


Noodle two: the Mini-eChap…think 15 to 20 poems from one poet that you can read on any of your devices. Delivered to your email on a subscription basis! For less than the money you forgot you had in your paypal account…

If you are interested in submitting your poetry to either of this projects, please see our submission guidelines.

If you are interested in purchasing Audio Chapbooks and/or a Mini-eChap subscription, please check back for updates as the information becomes available.

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