Steven Werkmeister

Steve Werkmeister was born in the unlikely town of Ogallala, Nebraska, and raised in the scandalously named Grand Island (it’s neither grand nor an island), the older child in the kind of broken home that was pretty much a stereotype for that neighborhood. He majored in English at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, occasionally taking classes over a period of twelve years before finally accumulating enough of the right credits to graduate. During that time, he worked multiple jobs, including liquor store clerk, record store clerk, art museum guard, warehouse labor, maintenance worker for the state highway department, and for a time way too brief, a glorified gravedigger (he mainly mowed the grass and raked leaves at a cemetery, though he likes to pretend he had worked his way up to be an actual gravedigger). He hitchhiked south, lived in Houston for a few years, and went backpacking in Europe. After turning thirty and earning that long-sought-for BA, he married, traveled to South America, entered graduate school (UNL), wrote a master’s thesis on Shakespearean comedy, started working on a PhD in medieval literature (14th-century English poetry!—left ABD after receiving job offer), had a daughter, took the aforementioned job in Pennsylvania, had a son, and took another job in Kansas, for which he publicly and profusely apologizes to his family; he had no idea Kansas would be soon governed by a group of conservatives whose penchant to self-destructive behaviors and decisions can only be paralleled by drug-addicted relatives, the kind who years ago asked to crash on your couch for a few nights and are still there. He is currently a Professor of English at Johnson County Community College in Overland Park, Kansas, where he teaches literature and lots and lots of comp sections. He writes fiction and poetry, and he is currently working on a screenplay (no promises he’ll ever finish). He has a literature-focused blog at https://stevesofgrass.wordpress.com/ which also has links to his recent publications. You can find him on Facebook and on Twitter.

His poetry collection, The Unauthorized Autobiography: Composed of Fragments, Distortions, Mythologies, & Lies,  will be available Sept 13th.

Hear more on Steve’s YouTube Channel

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