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This Is Not a Movement and RoguePoetry

The poets of This Is Not a Movement

Samantha Colwell is a writer currently living in North Carolina, pursuing a career in Library and Information Sciences. She writes short prose pieces, composes visual poetry, and hopes to finish her first novella by 2016. A list of her writing influences in no particular order: mermaids, whiskey, Dickinson, Rilke, whiskey, kaiju, Murakami, the musical stylings of Elvis Costello, sidewalk chalk, dancing in fountains, and whiskey. Find her on Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, or send her an email. Hear Samantha reading The Velocity of Human Empathy.

Isabel Gomes-Leps was born the 10th of July, 1982. She has been writing poetry since the age of 11 in both English and German. Growing up in two countries has had a big influence on her writing. She likes playing with words and enjoys experimental as well as surrealistic and realistic poetry. Her writing has been published in some German literary Magazines as well as Anthologies. This Is Not A Movement is her first publication in English language. She currently lives in Germany. Visit her personal facebook
Her writing can be found at: isas-bell (tumblr blog) or wordpress blog isaverdicht

MJPSamantha Colwell says:
Matthew James Palozzi is an exemplary depiction of the post-modern man: butcher by day, poet by night. His mustachioed form is a blank canvas for lyrical tattoos inspired by his favorite authors and film makers, including Kurt Vonnegut and Wes Anderson, respectively. He feigns to strive to publish his burgeoning novel soon, a crime story depicting a hard-boiled private eye named Lou “Judgy” Mandible. Visit him on Tumblr.

Roger H. Brightley is a restless soul, whose sensitive fire is assuaged only in the cascading waves of hope and acceptance. In a more materialistic and physical sense, he resides in the beautiful climate-controlled region of East Africa – precisely, Nairobi. His hobbies include whistling whilst working, bleughing at those partaking coffee and travelling whenever the winds lift his sails. He holds a managerial white-collar position in Marketing, but he loves nothing more than carving a slice out of his day to kick back and write, sending his thoughts off to his Tumblr blog on the swift wings of technological convenience. His co-written collection of love poems, Unsung Ballads of Buttered Toast and Jam, is available from Amazon, Book Depository, Barnes & Noble etc in print and as an ebook from Kindle.

Molly Grace Gaertner is a 16 year old writer from Minnesota. This is her first time being published and she hopes to do a lot more in the near future. She jumps at any chance to write, and hopes it will be something she will continue to do for the rest of her life. While at 16 the most consistent things in her life are school and her tumblr account, she is planning on moving to the New York/New Jersey area soon to study Psychology and hopefully publish many more works. If you wish to contact her or find out more feel free to check out hertumblr, her instagram, or send her an email.


Kelly Neal reading where what’s unfolded from RoguePoetry Review 2015

Natasha Head reading Darkness Falls from RoguePoetry Review 2015

Samantha Colwell reading The Velocity of Human Empathy

Jason Bates reading The House that Awkward Built

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