Does Anyone Write Medieval Fantasy Short Fiction?

With a name like PunksWritePoemsPress, you would think we would just be content to stick to poetry. You would think…but we’re not! Instead, we have been kicking around/mulling over/contemplating the idea of putting out a few different short story collections. One of the more interesting ideas was to dedicate a book to Medieval Fantasy short fiction.  Perhaps you have a story idea in which Sean Bean has long hair, carries a sword and doesn’t get killed?


Maybe your damsel is the cause of distress?





Point is we want to see unique takes on the genre in a form that is unusual for epic tales. We want to fall in love with your character and sympathize with their plight, in under 8,000 words. This is not an official call for submissions; more like a testing of the waters. Please do not send us any manuscripts. We will let you know if and when we put out a call. If this type of publication would interest you as a writer and/or a reader, please leave us a comment…include, if you’d like, any online space where we might be able to read some of your writing.

UPDATE: We have opened a call for submissions for two story collections…one for fantasy; the other for science fiction.

One thought on “Does Anyone Write Medieval Fantasy Short Fiction?”

  1. I have a growing number of fantasy short stories concerning a world of my own creation (how original, eh? We all have one). One story in particular may be of some interest. It is a tale of political intrigue in a military-religious order. Think Knights Templar meet Joan of Arc.

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