On "Poem In Your Pocket" and Other Things

Okay, we may have over-reached on the Poem In Your Pocket project, and that’s fine. So we are scaling the idea down to a simpler form. Instead of individual cards with poems on them that you could carry around in your custom designed “poem in your pocket” t-shirt, we are going to offer the same amazing poetry in a mini-magazine that you can stuff in whatever pocket you have available to you! And for about a quarter of the price! That will leave you plenty of extra scratch for some over-priced coffee.

While we are on the topic of things that didn’t work, Melee (a fantasy short story collection), has been cancelled. We appreciate the submissions we received, but there were far too few for us to put together a collection at the level of quality that we desire. Don’t Open Til Doomsday is full steam ahead, though!

Another change in the works is for RoguePoetry Review 2016. Last year, we put together a good cross-section collection of poetry and we strive to make it even better this year. With that in mind, we are switching RoguePoetry to a free online magazine. It will be similar in layout to our upcoming Scindie Magazine. Submissions will open this Spring.

Speaking of Scindie, we are pressing forward with issue 1 and hope to have it available in late Spring. Want to be a part of it?
Click HERE for more information and links.

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