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Another Crazy Idea…or, Scindie Magazine: In the Shower

Sometimes when I’m in the shower, I stand for long pauses letting the water hit that spot on my neck just below my hairline and I zone out. I don’t lose time, but the only way I can estimate how long I’m out is by gauging how much colder the water has gotten since my skin last sent a single that my brain received. While I’m in this pose, naked and wet and warm, head slightly bowed, I have some of my oddest thoughts. Not like “wouldn’t a miniature pink and green swirled elephant be a totally bizarre thing ” kind of odd thoughts. More like life choices and career choices and story ideas. I’ve often composed entire poems in these moments and then desperately tried to make some record of them before they get lost in the ever-changing maze in my head.

I decided to self-publish a book while in the shower and even gave it a title. Soon after I was arranging spoons on the kitchen counter and taking photos of them.

I came up with the concept for This Is Not a Movement in the shower.

In my birthday suit, I made the decision to start a publishing company.

Concepts for Split 7″ (a novella project that did not work…yet) and Don’t Open Till Doomsday and Melee came to me then, as well.

I even proposed to my wife in the shower…not really! But I did make the decision to do it while showering.

Point is: I’ve learned to trust these moments. To go with them and see what comes out of it.

So the other day, I zoned out and begin to conceptualize a solution to a problem. It is super hard to obtain reviews for poetry books. Next to promotion/marketing, soliciting reviews is the most frustrating part of running a small indie press. And, really, reviews are part of the promotion/marketing aspect. The obvious solution might be to knuckle down and keep sending out inquiries and keep feeling like the return isn’t worth the investment.

But I am not a big fan of asking politely into the void. I prefer to take a more direct approach to the problem as a whole and, in this case, the solution doesn’t really help me with the review problem.

The beginnings of Scindie Magazine were forming. PunksWritePoemsPress could start an online magazine for reviews of small press and self-pub authors. But there are so many websites for reviews!!! I know it, so ours has to be different.

How will it be different?

  • We will ask you, the writer/editor/creative-force-behind-totally-awesome-thing, to request that we review your thing through a simple form. You don’t have to contact us “cold”.
  • You can also request that we interview you for the magazine.
  • Or you can fill out our “Five Quick Questions” form and our readers can get a glimpse into your world.
  • Do you have a fun real-life story or helpful anecdote that you think other people like you would enjoy? We will have a submission form for editorial/article pitches!
  • We will be asking that if we review your thing, that you be willing to provide a review of another’s thing for a later issue.
  • The magazine will look like a magazine! It will not be a blog that you scroll through. It will be an online magazine…with pages…that you have to turn! And it will be free. Free to read. Free to download. Free to print, staple together, and leave at your favorite hang out.

Why do I keep saying “thing” instead of book? Because, I want this to be open to not just authors, but bands and film makers and visual artists. We want to embrace the spirit of being truly independent, no matter what the creative endeavor.

And in that spirit, we will offer ridiculously low (probably free) advertising space for your thing, as well.

The vision will become clearer as we move forward, but I think this is a good start.

Scindie Header

What is Scindie, anyway? I wrote a post on tumblr several months ago in which I coined the word “scindie” as being a “second class independent” publisher. That’s what we are. So I’m embracing it! Scindie Magazine will be for and about the independent creative people who fall outside of what independent publishing has become.