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Recommended Reading: creepy little death poems

0921160659creepy little death poems (Dreality Press) is a quick, quirky collection of poems by Tiffany Tang. On the surface they are witty and funny, and could easily have crossed the line into gimmicky, but they never do! The use of Death as a character in everyday situations works amazingly well. Tang writes each piece as a separate anecdote with Death playing the role of friend/partner. They bake cookies together, write poetry about one another, and tour art museums. But nothing about any of that is normal, despite how relatable the conversations they have are. And that is where these poems really work…that uncomfortable subsurface of trying to function during the commonplace with depression as your faithful companion.

One of the heavier poems in the book is “20”. And it is the one that drives home the idea that while there may be lots of laughs before and after, there was a moment when things changed. There was a moment when death became Death.


Have no doubt, this is a book about depression. An excellent book of poetry that will make you smile and laugh, and frown and think. So what are you waiting for? Go get it!

For the Sake of Future Improvement…

We currently have an open Kickstarter Campaign for pre-sales of our Poem In Your Pocket project. The campaign is failing and that is okay, but we would like to take this opportunity to learn. With that in mind, would you please give us honest feedback as to why you would not order this poetry collection. We appreciate your opinion; it will help us going forward.

Thank you for taking the time!

An Interview with Benjamin Schmitt

Benjamin Schmitt dropped the manuscript for Dinner Table Refuge into the PunksWritePoems inbox a few months ago, and I knew I wanted to publish it when I got to When zombies attack part 9. The pieces are deeply personal but accessible and often humorous. I recently had the opportunity to talk to Benjamin about poetry, Kevin Costner, the Packers, and his job as a reviewer for At the Inkwell.

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…About Six Months…

I’m not a blogger. I do not know how to write a blog that will somehow capture an audience with wit and charm and possibly some profound insight. But I do know that PunksWritePoemsPress has existed for just about six months now and I’ve never felt more proud or accomplished regarding any personal achievements than I do right now.
Sure, the “wildest dreams” scenario hasn’t played out…yet! You haven’t seen my face all glossy and smooth on the cover of some indie publishing magazine, nor on one for savvy entrepreneurs. Our first title – This Is Not a Movement –  has done well and I am happy to have been a part of making it a real book, printed on the screams of many a felled tree, but it will not get mention in conversations of breakthrough titles in poetry for 2015. (Side note: Is that a conversation that anyone actually has? If it is, we should all make a pact right now that if we overhear/are part of/read a conversation about the breakthrough titles in poetry for 2015, we will interject/say/comment that any such conversation that does not include This Is Not a Movement is a waste of everyone’s time. Can we agree to that? I won’t make you take a blood oath or even spit-shake. We can just agree to the TINaM Pact and use the trusted old honor system. Side note over.)
The point is: I love that book and will consider it a success even if it never sells another copy. Even if it never makes it into the aforementioned conversations about breakthrough poetry titles. Even if you think it is a mess. It is a success because publishing that title and founding this indie Press on the back of it means that we get to do more of it.
We get to read and publish Janelle Rainer’s Two Cups of Tomatoes. It is a beautiful collection of poems that hint at the larger stories beyond the words on the page.
We got to read hundreds of submissions for RoguePoetry and are extremely proud to publish the selections we’ve chosen. It is a strange mix of styles and perspectives, and that is how we like it.
So there it is…halfway through our first year and I’m happy. Now go read a post from a better blogger while I go do my publishing thing.

An Interview with Janelle Rainer

Recently, PunksWritePoemsPress was introduced to the poetry of Janelle Rainer. Even better than that, we had a manuscript from her sitting in our inbox…and it was good! Just the right mix of beautiful and ugly. And while we wait to drop “Two Cups of Tomatoes” on a largely unsuspecting poetry community, we thought it would be a good time to introduce you to poet, painter and teacher…Janelle Rainer.


PWP: Hi Janelle. Thanks for taking some time to talk to us.

JR: Thank you for the opportunity.

PWP: Why don’t we start with you giving us some quick background about yourself?

JR: I once took an online quiz that said I used 90% of the right side of my brain (the side dominated by creation and imagination and chaos), and only 10% of the left side of my brain (the side for logic and practicality), so this explains everything you need to know.

PWP: Fantastic! This should be a fun interview. Let’s dive right in. When you were growing up, what was your dream job?

JR: I wanted to be a children’s book author and illustrator. Recently, I found a book I cobbled together as a seven-year-old. It was about a trippy space expedition, and the main character was named Janelle (very original). Janelle ends up getting murdered by a deranged alien in the end. I’m not sure what that says about my seven-year-old mind, but the pencil illustrations were top notch. Continue reading An Interview with Janelle Rainer