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Recommended Reading: creepy little death poems

0921160659creepy little death poems (Dreality Press) is a quick, quirky collection of poems by Tiffany Tang. On the surface they are witty and funny, and could easily have crossed the line into gimmicky, but they never do! The use of Death as a character in everyday situations works amazingly well. Tang writes each piece as a separate anecdote with Death playing the role of friend/partner. They bake cookies together, write poetry about one another, and tour art museums. But nothing about any of that is normal, despite how relatable the conversations they have are. And that is where these poems really work…that uncomfortable subsurface of trying to function during the commonplace with depression as your faithful companion.

One of the heavier poems in the book is “20”. And it is the one that drives home the idea that while there may be lots of laughs before and after, there was a moment when things changed. There was a moment when death became Death.


Have no doubt, this is a book about depression. An excellent book of poetry that will make you smile and laugh, and frown and think. So what are you waiting for? Go get it!