What If You Combine an eBook With an Audio Book With a Lit Mag?

I’ve had a thought:

ebooks are boring!

Or at least the ebooks that are just rehashed pdf files.

I know there are interactive ebooks out there. Mostly for education and children’s fiction. And that’s great. I know that books-on-tape have become audio books. So what if we combine the two? Have an annual poetry magazine that features not only the written word but more importantly the poet’s voice. You could read along. Or just listen to today’s innovative writers…in your car…or on a walk or run…while you soak in a tub with a glass of wine.

It isn’t a totally crazy idea, right? And I’m likely not the first to think of it. But here’s where it gets a little nutty…

What if this poetry magazine was available through an app? What if you could download the app and purchase the issues of the magazine that you want…or as they come out…or possibly on a subscription? What if a group of small presses got together so that you could access several different publishers and lit mags through the app?

It would be great, right? Using the technology to bring you a more immersive poetry experience. But, I’m not a technology guy. I don’t know where to start with such an idea. So I’m asking for your help!

…and you!
…and even you, too!

Do you have any knowledge in the areas of interactive ebooks or audio books or app building? Do you know someone who does who might be interested in such a project? Do you think it is an idea that you as a reader of books would be interested in? Am I completely off my rocker? Is this already being done by another publisher? Any thoughts?

I’m all ears!

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